The Affordable Care Act offers incentives for at-risk providers to manage higher levels of acuity outside of the hospital. Transitional Care offers the ideal setting to decrease costs while improving quality.


Bridging the gap between hospital and home requires specialized care, state-of-the-art technology and a purpose-built environment that promotes efficiency and effectiveness.


Providing post-acute rehabilitative care in a hotel-like setting with hospitality services and amenities allows patients to enjoy both the journey and the destination on their road to recovery.

Transitional Care focuses exclusively on serving short-term rehab patients in upscale, dedicated facilities outside the hospital setting. This singular focus enables a higher level of care with greater patient and family satisfaction, improved outcomes and reduced costs.

Post-Acute Solutions

Custodial Care
An Integral Part of the Solution

Healthcare reform also calls for pro-active, integrated care solutions that improve lives, reduce fragmentation and are cost effective. In this new model, custodial care providers can play a key role in being a part of the solution.

This patient-centered, integrated residential care-based model offers a paradigm shift from sick to well care . . . from fragmented service delivery to coordinated care . . .  and from need-driven, conventional, re-active support to pro-active and integrated care management.

A shift away from a per diem payment, which rewards based on low cost and poor quality, offers new incentive for key custodial care providers to go at-risk for the total healthcare spend and collaborate with ancillary care partners to provide better outcomes.

A patient-centered, custodial care model that links providers, payers and patients throughout the healthcare continuum provides the missing link to integrated care.

A successful care management relationship with overall shared risk for the total healthcare spend incentivizes providers to holistically improve quality of care for the patients they mutually serve.